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Khasab is a port city on northern Oman’s Musandam Peninsula. Khasab Fort has crenellated stone turrets, model wooden boats and a museum with handicrafts and archaeological finds. From Khasab Harbor, wooden boats cruise the Strait of Hormuz, offering rugged coastal views and dolphin sightings. South, past mountain villages and green valleys, Jabal Hareem peak is known for its marine fossils.


Full day Khasab (Musandam) dhow cruise brings you an opportunity to watch dolphins, snorkeling swimming and view of Khasab Fjords. We will take you to the historical Telegraph and Seebi Islands that are the best places for snorkeling and swimming inside the Khasab fjords. You will be served delicious traditional Omani lunch during Khasab Musandam dhow cruise with unlimited refreshments.

There will be comfortable cushions to relax and enjoy dhow cruise. During full day Khasab dhow cruise you will be served unlimited soft drinks, Omani tea, coffee, fresh fruits (Apple, Orange, Banana), delicious lunch with fresh salad. We will provide snorkeling and swimming equipment, neat and clean towels, basic toilet and shower facility on dhow and life jackets. We request you to bring your own swimming suits because we don’t provide this.


  • Six hours sharing basis dhow cruise to Khasab Musandam fjords and sightseeing
  • Dolphin watching, snorkeling swimming and view of fisherman villages inside Musandam fjords.
  • Unlimited refreshments on the board including traditional Omani tea, coffee and plain water
  • Traditional Omani lunch that may include fried rice, fried chicken, Hummus, salad and Khubz
  • Fresh fruits (Apple, Banana & Orange) all the time will be during Khasab Musandam dhow cruise
  • Basic toilet and shower facility with fresh water, hand wash, tissue papers and towels
  • Snorkeling and swimming gears, life jackets, towels and comfortable sitting arrangements.


  • Adventurous full day dhow cruise into Musandam fjords and sightseeing
  • Natural dolphin watching along the way to historical Telegraph Island
  • Visit to historical Telegraph and Seebi islands that are the best for swimming.
  • Two stops for snorkeling and swimming, first at Telegraph Island and then Seebi
  • View of small fisherman villages like Nadifi, Qanah, Maqlab, Seeb and Shem
  • An unforgettable Khasab Musandam dhow cruise with dolphin watching


Spend a full day in the waters of Musandam. You will get to enjoy Omani dhows that are decorated in a traditional manner. You can lounge on soft carpets and cushions. When you choose this Musandam boat trip, you will not only take pleasure on magnificent and serene sceneries. You will also have the chance to explore some of the most untouched fishing villages in Oman like the Seebi and Telegraph Island. Refreshments will be served and there will be two stops to make way for snorkeling and swimming during Khasab Musandam dhow cruise tour to Musandam fjords.

Cruise to the Musandam fjords (also known as Khour Shem) where beautiful, calm, turquoise waters contrast with the creamy, white limestone cliffs. During the cruise we explore small fishing villages (Nadifi, Qana, Maqlab, Shem, and Seebi) and the famous Telegraph Island and Seebi Island, there is also a possibility to see dolphins along the way. There will be two stops for swimming and snorkeling in the clear, dynamic water of Musandam.  Musandam fjord has much more to entertain you. You will see mountains and feel like they are painted with a pencil. Small villages in the Khour will enable you to meet different cultures and amazing people. You will be surprised to see how they have survived in these small villages. The live on the edge of Musandam sea and spend their lives fishing in the clear water of Musandam.


Full day Khasab Musandam dhow cruise is an adventurous cruise and snorkeling tour to the breathtaking Musandam fjords. Here is the details itinerary of full day Khasab Musandam dhow cruise tour.

REPORTING TIME – 09:30 AM: It takes 3.5 hours from Dubai to Khasab Musandam Oman from including the border processing. If you are coming from Dubai then make sure you leave before 06:00 am. You must report Dhow Khasab Tours office by 09:30 am so our staff can guide you about the Khasab Musandam dhow cruise and take you to the Khasab dhow port.

DHOW CRUISE STARTING – 10:00 AM: Full day Khasab Musandam dhow cruise leave sharp by 10:00 am, so make sure you are on time to join this tour. You will be welcome by our staff and will be served soft drinks, plain water, coffee and tea. There will be fresh fruits (Apple, Banana and Orange) as well.

NATURAL DOLPHIN WATCHING – 10:45 AM: Dolphins are one of the most amazing creatures on earth. They will make your day by racing the dhow if they are in a good mode. Natural dolphins watching is the most adventurous activity in full day Khasab Musandam dhow cruise.

SWIMMING AT TELEGRAPH ISLAND – 11:30 AM: We will have our first stop of snorkeling and swimming at historical Telegraph Island. As soon as we reach Telegraph Island, you go for snorkeling and swimming. Telegraph Island is one of the best place for snorkeling and swimming in Musandam fjords. There will be life jackets and snorkeling gears on the boat, so you can grab your pair.

TRADITIONAL OMAN LUNCH ON BOAT – 01:00 PM: Hungry after the snorkeling and swimming? Don’t worry, here is the delicious traditional Oman lunch for you. There may be fried chicken, fried rice, salad, Khubz (Arabic Bread), Hummus, fruits and soft drinks.  We only serve lunch in full day Khasab Musandam dhow cruise and only refreshments in Khasab Musandam half day dhow cruise.

SWIMMING AT SEEBI ISLAND – 02:15 AM: As soon as we serve lunch on the boat we will sail towards the Seebi Island. It is also one of the best places for snorkeling and swimming inside the Musandam fjords. Just through some pieces of food and groups for colourful fishes will come to get them.

REACHING KHASAB DHOW PORT – 04:00 AM:  We will leave Seebi Island around 03:00 pm and will reach the Khasab dhow port around 04:00 pm. The full day Khasab Musandam dhow cruise will come to an end and it is time to say goodbye. Book your full day Khasab Musandam dhow cruise today to have fun with your friends and family members and we will make sure you enjoy every bit of your stay with us.

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