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Wadi Al Arbayeen (Jeep Tour 6 hrs)


An adventurous excursion to discover extraordinary landscapes, high rocky mountains, and lush oases: an almost stunning nature, characterized by places and villages that have remained almost untouched over time.

What we see –

Mountain landscapes with different colors

  • Wadi Al Arbeieen with its lush vegetation
  • Ponds and natural pools formed by the stream
  • Water bashing on board the 4×4
  • Natural pools
  • Canyons and lunar landscapes formed by volcanic rocks
  • Wadi Dayqah

What we do – On board the 4x4s, we start from the capital Muscat in the direction of Wadi Al Arbeieen. Already after a few kilometers, we find ourselves immersed in an almost lunar landscape, where surreal-looking mountains with different colors conquer our almost bewildered but certainly fascinated gaze.


Dam Wadi Dayqah


  • Leaving the paved road, we take an off-road route to Wadi Al Arbeieen, a beautiful canyon with high walls and lush vegetation, where the stream has created ponds and blue-green water pools with incredible transparencies, that we can capture by taking countless photographs.
  • In the vicinity of the wadi, we also visit a typical Omani village, where the rhythms of a simple and everyday life have not been changed by modernity: its inhabitants are always friendly and hospitable and the wonderful children come to meet us with their disarming smiles and moving.
  • Once the visit to the village is over, we return to adventure aboard our jeeps, with which we would feel the thrill of the “water bashing”, which is not demanding but still really fun.
  • Afterwards, we head to the place where those who wish it can swim, surrounded by a natural amphitheater of rare beauty and immersed in an imposing nature.
  • At the end of this relaxing break, we walk along an offroad track, during which we can admire breathtaking scenery: narrow canyons alternate with lunar landscapes, characterized by volcanic rocks with colors ranging from gray to reddish, from black lava to pink to ocher .
  • We then reach the village of Mazara, with the ancient ruins of its castle that dominates the entire surrounding valley.
  • We continue towards Wadi Dayqah, where a dam forms a wonderful lake completely crowned by the majestic and enchanting mountains.

• During the last stretch, during the return journey, we travel a few more kilometers offroad: the emotions experienced and the intense memory of the most beautiful moments of the tour will accompany us during the return by ship and in the following days.

Tour Map (wadi Al Arbayeen)

What is there to know

  • The excursion does not include a guide.
  • The number of places available is limited; therefore, we advise you to book early.
  • The order of the stages of the itinerary may change.
  • We recommend wearing comfortable shoes.
  • Guests must be in good physical condition.
  • The excursion is not recommended for guests who have mobility problems, back and / or neck problems.
  • Participation in pregnant women is not permitted.
  • Children under the age of 4 cannot participate in the excursion.
  • This excursion involves a journey on a paved road and off-road vehicle in the jeep of about 4 hours.
  • Jeeps have a capacity of 4 people, so they will be shared with other guests.
  • We do not guarantee the place on the same jeep to families.
  • It is not possible to bring strollers into the jeep.
  • We recommend modest clothing and avoid transparent clothing.
  • Appropriate clothing is required to respect the culture of the country visited.
  • Remember to bring along a bathing suit, beach towel, sunglasses and a protective sun lotion.
  • Lunch consists of a travel basket that will be consumed by jeep.


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